Reach Out Resource Room and Catalogue

What is the Reach Out Resource Room and Catalogue?

The Reach Out Resource Room (RORR) and Catalogue is an online interactive learning and development space. It is available for all city and county primary school staff free of charge as well as families who are supporting children in KS2 learning from home.

The RORR comes in two parts: a selection of online rooms and spaces with clickable resources for pupils to explore. When clicking on an item, a new window should open to reveal a resource or webpage for children to enjoy.

We also have the Catalogue which is suitable for adults in order to see and download from a collection of resources across Art and Design, Business and Enterprise, Science, Maths and much more.

What will the resources be about?

Each month we will feature resources fitting a particular theme such as Myths and Legends, Enterprise and Outdoor Learning. Other resources will still be available by visiting the Catalogue at any time.

As well as having resources made by specialist teaching staff at Nottingham Girls’ High School, the RORR and Catalogue also features free resources from other external providers such as HSBC, Wild Life Trust and the BBC.

How can you access the Reach Out Resource Room?

The Reach Out Resource Room is available to schools and families supporting children learning from home. To find out more email or signup now here.

Is there a charge to schools to access the RORR and Catalogue?

Schools and families in Nottingham city and county can access and download resources through the RORR and Catalogue completely FREE of charge. The RORR and Catalogue is maintained by a team of staff at Nottingham Girls’ High School and relies on the expertise and collaborative nature of all its members. Schools that sign-up to RORR and Catalogue are encouraged to share their expertise and actively contribute to a network of teaching and learning professionals within the network.

What are the benefits to schools who sign up?

Schools who sign up to RORR and Catalogue will not only have access to our ever-growing library of resources but also be part of a wider network of teaching and learning professionals across city and county schools in Nottingham. Each month, schools will receive e-news of how featured projects and activities have unfolded within the RORR community as well as details of upcoming training or development events.

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