• Thursday 12 March – Social Enterprise

    We welcomed 10 schools to our Social Enterprise event on Thursday 12th March 2020. We focused this event on learning outside of the classroom and asked children to design new [...]
  • 11 March 2020 – High 5 Netball Tournament

    Our annual for-fun High 5 Netball tournament has always been very popular. Following last year's cancellation, we were thrilled to welcome schools back for the 2020 games. A total of [...]
  • 13 February 2020 – Engineering Challenge

    We welcomed 11 school teams for a fun-filled Engineering Challenge on Thursday 13th February. The aim of this challenge was for teams to design a fully-functional table tennis ball launching [...]
  • Light Night 2020

    On Friday 7th February we exhibited our Reach for the Stars installation at St Mary’s Church, Lace Market. The exhibition included stained glass style portraits of inspirational people created by [...]
  • 12 December 2019 – Festive Business and Enterprise

    Our final event of 2019 was an exciting Festive Business and Enterprise day inspired by Advent. Each visiting school team was asked to design and make prototype advent calendars for [...]
  • Maths Challenge with Business and Enterprise

    Our first event of 2019-20 was Maths Challenge Day - the first in a two-part event that aimed to introduce girls to sophisticated mathematics embedded in board games. Teams of [...]
  • 27 June 2019 Nurture Outdoor Learning

    Our onsite woodland area, Upnah Wood, is a fantastic facility for our girls to develop their skills in problem-solving and resilience, as well as provide a safe area for imaginative [...]
  • Wollaton Festival

    After three years of participating in Nottingham City Council's Light Night, we were delighted when the council asked us to be involved in this year's Wollaton Festival. Working with 2 [...]
  • 13 June – G&T Science Day

    An annual favourite that did not disappoint! Our Science Day for gifted and talented girls was packed with exciting experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Experiments included observations and dissection [...]
  • 25 April 2019 – Monster Poetry

    In partnership with Nottingham Poetry Festival 2019, Monster Poetry Day welcomed 44 talented poets and poetry enthusiasts for a day of workshops. The day was kicked off by Georgina Wilding, [...]
  • 28 March 2019 G&T Maths Challenge Day

    Following the success of our girls’ only science days, schools have asked us for a similar day in maths. We welcomed this feedback with our first Maths Challenge Day for [...]
  • Light Night 2019

    This year’s Light Night theme was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo space programme and the first man on the moon. Taking inspiration from women in NASA during the Space [...]
  • 31 January 2019 Key Skills Reading, Writing and Speaking

    We had 70 children from 12 local primary schools join us for our first Key Skills Reading, Writing and Speaking event. The day was open to children of all abilities [...]
  • 13 December 2018 Key Skills English and Maths

    Hur-rah! Our Peter Pan and the Pirates Key Skills morning was jammed packed with swashbuckling English and Maths. 60 children from 10 local primary schools started the morning by making [...]
  • 11 October 2018 G&T Computing with Robotics

    What an exciting start to the year: we welcomed 14 schools and 55 children to a stimulating day of robotics. Kicking off with some engineering, teams were asked to build their [...]
  • 4 July 2018 Nurture Outdoor Learning

    Thank you to the two fantastic schools who joined us for Nurture Outdoor Learning, Edna G Olds Acadamy and Bulwell St Mary's  Primary School.  The session was aimed to give [...]
  • 14 June 2018 – STEM with Science

    We were delighted to welcome 38 girls from 8 schools to join us for our STEM with Science day. The girls spent the day in our Chemistry, Biology and Physics [...]
  • 19 April 2018 STEM with The Space

    We were delighted to introduce 7 schools to our new performing arts centre - "The Space". The day was centered around the technology and engineering involved behind the scenes of [...]
  • 14 March 2018 High Five Netball Tournament

    We had 139 children take part in our annual High Five Festival. We were joined by 12 schools who spent the afternoon learning to play High Five netball with our [...]
  • Light Night 2018

    Following collection of a very large number of recycled tin cans from girls, staff, parents and KS1 children from St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary, we aimed to illuminate Nottingham Castle's [...]
  • 15 February 2018 – STEM with Computing

    As technology is being applied more and more in the classroom, we were keen to host our first dedicated computing and electronics day. Inspired by robotics, the event asked each [...]
  • NGHS Reach Out sponsor Edna G Olds Primary Academy’s Language Club

    Following on from our Business and Social Enterprise Day in February 2017, we were delighted to sponsor children at Edna G Olds Primary Academy for their Language Club initiative. A [...]
  • T-Shirt Competition Winners 2018

    In October 2017, on the back of our STEAM event, we launched our first ever competition. All attending children were invited to design and submit designs for Reach Out T-Shirts, which will [...]
  • 14 December 2017 – STEM with Business and Enterprise

    Our Christmas events are always fun, but this year was particularly special as we asked schools to compete in a Great British Bake Off meets The Apprentice themed day. We [...]
  • 2 November 2017 – STEM with extra Maths

    What a fantastic day we had on Thursday 2 November with our visiting schools learning lots about Fibonacci and The Golden Ratio. We started off the day looking at how [...]
  • 5 October 2017 – STEAM

    Inspired by Big Draw's theme 'Living Lines', we challenged children to a day of STEM with Art. The morning was a mix of biology and maths, with Miss Taylor testing [...]
  • Nurture Outdoor Learning 2017

    We have had two fantastic days of Nurture Outdoor Learning this week. We started on Tuesday 4 July with four schools visiting us for the morning sessions, followed by three [...]
  • Science with Scotholme 2017

    Scotholme Primary’s ethos encourages its pupils to be Curious, to Collaborate, be Resilient, Disciplined and Imaginative. We welcomed pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 along to Science lessons at NGHS […]

  • BBC Ten Pieces 2017

    Following on from our first dedicated music day last year, NGHS participated in BBC's Ten Pieces as part of BBC Music Day 2017. The event took place in our fantastic [...]
  • 11 May 2017 – Maths Challenge Day

    Our second Maths Challenge of 2017 welcomed 60 pupils from 10 schools to participate in four rounds of maths. The morning kicked off with Alice in Wonderland logic puzzles and [...]
  • 15 March 2017 – Hi Five Netball Tournament

    We were joined by 11 schools, a total of 18 teams and 132 children for this year's Hi Five Netball Tournament. We were lucky to have the warmest day of [...]
  • Light Night 2017

    For the first time, Nottingham Girls' High School were asked to participate in Nottingham City Council's Light Night. The Arboretum Park was also a new addition to the festival of [...]
  • 9 February 2017 – Business and Enterprise

    For our Business and Enterprise Day 2017, we asked local children to assess their local area and think about a solution to a social, cultural or environmental issue. In pairs, [...]
  • 7 December 2016 – Victorian Christmas

    Due to the popularity of maths last year, we dedicated our annual festive event to the subject. Focusing on shapes and code-breaking, Victorian Christmas introduced origami bauble making, a Victorian currency [...]
  • 3 November 2016 – Dyslexia Awareness

    Our third learning support initiative event was lead by NGHS Head of Educational Support, Ms Cate Harvey. This year was dedicated to preparing for SATs with an emphasis on the core [...]
  • 14 October 2016 – STEAM

    STEAM is STEM with Art, and what a buzzzzzzzing day was had! Inspired by Big Draw 2016, STEAM asked visiting pupils to design and build a functional bee hotel that [...]
  • 7 July 2016 – Creative Music Day

    Lead by our Junior School Music Coordinator, children were given the task of composing new music and SFX to go along side a short slip of Wall-E Children were split [...]
  • 15 June 2016 – NGHS Celebrates 140 Years

    Everyone was transported back to 1875 in the initial activity where teams were allocated different countries in a trading game. We learnt how natural resources can benefit local economies, and [...]
  • 16 March 2016 – Hi Five Netball Tournament

    Our Hi Five Netball Tournament has been running successfully for a number of years. We welcomed 67 boys and girls from 7 local schools to the tournament. Supported by our NGHS Sports [...]
  • 21 March 2016 – STEM Challenge Day

    Boys and girls in Years 4 and 5 were asked to design a new piece of apparatus that could assist in medical surgery for organ transplant procedures. Children had a [...]
  • 25 February 2015 – Maths Challenge Day II

    106 children completed the Probability, Golden Ratio, 3D Shapes, Code Breaking and Quiz rounds. Teams were marked on their accuracy in 3D Shapes and Code Breaking, before attempting to top-up their scores [...]
  • 27 January 2016 – Maths Challenge Day I

    Thank you to the 108 children from 17 schools that attended our first Maths Challenge Day of 2016. Children worked in school teams on Probability, Golden ratio, Spatial activities and [...]
  • 3 December 2015 – Business and Enterprise Day

    We welcomed 102 pupils from 16 different Nottinghamshire schools for our Santa’s workshop themed Business and Enterprise Day. The day was split into four sections: Design, Negotiation, Build, and finally, [...]
  • 2 November 2015 – Dyslexia Awareness

    We welcomed 47 pupils from 10 city and county schools to our second Dyslexia Awareness Day. The day was led by NGHS head of Educational Support, Cate Harvey and was separated [...]
  • 7 October 2015 – Science Day

    We welcomed 34 girls in Years 5 & 6 to our second Science Day. A total of 8 schools participated in Physics and Chemistry lessons aimed to inspire girls into science. Mr Aspley demonstrated [...]
  • 1 July 2015 – German Fairy Tales Day

    The event featured several taught subjects that incorporated key German phrases with an overall running theme of Grimm fairy tales. These included a poisonous apple themed Chemistry lesson, Red Riding Hood puppet performances in Drama and [...]
  • 19 June 2015 – Storytelling Day

    On Friday 19 June we welcomed 9 local schools including Central Carlton Junior School, Robin Hood Primary, Brocklewood Primary and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour to our first Storytelling Day. [...]
  • 16 March 2015 – STEM Day

    In conjunction with Science Week and DIY Faraday Challenge, 66 children from 11 local primary schools participated in negotiating, building and presenting a functional Ping-Pong projector device. All 11 models [...]
  • 3 February 2015 – Science Day

    25 young ladies from Bleasby CofE Primary School, Gunthorpe CofE Primary School, Willow Brook Primary School and South Wilford Endowed School joined us for a fun-filled Science Day. Girls were [...]
  • 4 December 2014 – Winter Wonderland

    We were joined by over 180 local school children in our Winter Wonderland extravaganza. 13 schools including Berridge Primary,  Milford Academy and Seely Junior School took part in festive themed challenges [...]
  • 11 November 2014 – Dyslexia Awareness

    On Tuesday 11 November we welcomed 48 boys and girls from 10 local schools to our Dyslexia Awareness workshop. The day introduced alternative methods to ordinary classroom learning, drawing on [...]
  • 1 October 2014 – Business and Enterprise Morning

    We were joined by Bright Ideas who led the session asking each team to design a new theme-park roller-coaster out of limited resources. The aim was to design a model-roller [...]
  • 24 June 2014 – Alice in Wonderland

    A total of 60 boys and girls in Years 4 & 5 joined us for a day of activities in design and technology, mathematics and literacy. It was a perfectly sunny day to [...]
  • 12 March 2014 – Hi Five

    Our High Five Netball Tournament is an event which we have been running for a number of years. Girls and boys of all abilities come together and take part in [...]
  • 28 February 2014 – STEM Day

    Students were put into mixed groups to promote team building and collaboration skills. The event was designed to develop independent thinking and problem solving skills as part of a fun [...]
  • 1 October 2013 – Business and Enterprise Morning

    Boys and girls took part in our Business and Enterprise morning. The pupils were put into teams and had business and enterprise problems to solve and decisions to make.
  • 12 December 2013 – Peter Pan and the Pirates Day

    Over 200 Year 5 and 6 children took part in a range of exciting activities as they joined Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys on their voyage to Never Land. [...]
  • 26 September 2013 – Language Enrichment Day

    23 girls from 5 Nottinghamshire schools joined us for our Language Enrichment Day in September. Each had the opportunity to take part in a variety of language based activities and thoroughly enjoyed [...]