15 June 2016 – NGHS Celebrates 140 Years

Everyone was transported back to 1875 in the initial activity where teams were allocated different countries in a trading game. We learnt how natural resources can benefit local economies, and how other countries can benefit from collaborative partnerships, or work better and democratically alone. NGHS staff were utterly impressed with the girls from Arnold View Primary who represented an African nation at the bottom of the economic field, and managed to finish in second place, just below the already wealthy industrialized nations of UK and France.

The second activity was a numeracy challenge incorporating mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen-name, Lewis Carol. Children were asked to complete Carol Grids and Alice in Wonderland Table Plans before attempting to produce long caterpillars based on simple addition and division rules.

We then ventured outside where we were lucky to miss the huge downpour! Miss Lynn and Miss Riley set some tasks to be completed in 1 minute and 40 seconds. The rope courses were much harder than they looked, especially with the wet conditions. Children did an excellent job despite a few tumbles, swings and slips along the way.

After lunch we returned to 1875 to take a dictation lesson. Boys and girls were separated as they would not have normally studied together during that time. Boys were given Peter Piper tongue twister and the girls were given Betty Botter. After several rehearsals and improvisations with imagery, each performed to one another and finished the day with a ‘Twist Off’. Mrs Broomfield was final jugde and crowned the boys champions following their hugely entertaining use of props and enthusiasm. Well done boys!

The day was fantastic and a great way to celebrate 140 years of NGHS with some of our maintained schools. We look forward to the next academic year!