A Reach Out Recap

Over the course of October, Miriam and I, who are the appointed Outreach prefects at Nottingham Girls’ High School, were given the task of delving into Black History and delivering it in an exciting and accessible way. We were able to discover the stories and lives behind inspiring, Black figures who have shaped all of our histories, without us even recognising it sometimes. This opportunity gave us the chance to reconnect with our primary education, and give back to our primary school communities by compiling and creating KS2 resources. For example, we looked at the speech of Martin Luther King Jr., the poetry of Maya Angelou and the history behind Rosa Parks. Our focus has predominantly been on improving English and Maths ability, while also enlacing our resources with Black history and diverse figures, hoping to raise awareness and encourage acceptance among KS2 pupils.

Beyond our resources, we also commenced our ‘Social Media Takeover’ in which we spread information surrounding Black History Month. We posted regularly in October, sharing our book recommendations, some inspirational figures, raising awareness of Black-owned businesses, as well as thoughts and quotes, daily. However, our commitment to Black history and diverse figures goes beyond the month of October, so we encourage you to read more novels illuminating Black history and perspectives, to support these businesses, and to continue learning about historical figures: from the well known Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, to the unsung heroes like Claudette Colvin or Asquith Xavier.

We believe we can all contribute to wider acceptance and racial equality in society in some way, no matter how small, but firstly that starts with making ourselves more aware. It has been an exceptional privilege to use our social media platforms to inform others; it has been very rewarding and we have loved hearing your feedback.

Now we have reached November, we are exploring the theme of Light. Alongside all the resources on the Reach Out Resource Room and Catalogue, we are looking at Diwali and the history and traditions. You can learn more about Diwali and our other Light themed resources by following our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Diwali celebrations will look very different this year due to the current government guidelines, but this makes it even more important to share information and celebrate this festival online and at school. We are also looking forward to seeing your Shadow Puppet Poetry performances in the next few weeks. Be sure to keep checking our social media pages for more updates!

By Rosie Halliday